GOAD E16 Pre-GenCon Part 1 – Events

017_DRThis week James and Shade talk about GenCon events. What makes a good event? How do you act like a responsible player? What events are we running?



Our Events:

James’ Events

RPG1345043       Tales from the Night Shift            Thu @ 10:00 AM               4 hrs      Games System: World of Darkness          

Mature 18+    Location: Hyatt :: Directors 2 :: 1 Cost: $4

New owners have hired you to inventory their bookstore. What ancient tomes lay buried? What do the new owners want to do with them?


RPG1345044       Immanentize the Eschaton          Thu @ 8:00 PM  4 hrs      Games System: World of Darkness

Mature 18+    Location: Omni :: Notre Dame :: 1             Cost: $4

A group of disparate occultists gather at an auction promising to sell esoteric secrets undreamed of. What will you do to acquire that knowledge? What will you do when you get it?


RPG1345046       We Interrupt This Program          Fri @ 2:00 PM    4 hrs      Games System: World of Darkness

 Mature 18+    Location: Omni :: L&N :: 1             Cost: $4

Do you ever feel like you’re not normal? What if what makes you different is what saves you? Geeks vs. Cthulhu!


RPG1345045       Honor Amongst Thieves               Sat @ 9:00 PM   4 hrs      Games System: Pathfinder RPG     

Mature 18+    Location: Union Station :: Eerie :: 1

Members of the Greyhawk thieves’ guild plan the ultimate heist, and sniff out a rat at the same time. Old fashioned fantasy RPG meets mafia fun.


Shade’s Events

RPG1345434       Supernatural 7  Thu @ 10:00 AM               4 hrs      Games System: Cinematic Unisytem        

 Mature 18+       Location: JW :: 304 :: 1–2              Cost: $4      

The Winchester boys are swept up in bizarre epic events which require the help of 5 dead hunters to return from the grave.


RPG1345432       American Dad! Does GenCon     Thu @ 8:00 PM  4 hrs     Games System: Cinematic Unisytem       

 Mature 18+        Location: JW :: 302 :: 3–4              Cost: $4                GENERICS ONLY

Play one of the Smith’s (includes Roger, Jeff & Klaus) in a whacky adventure which has ghosts, a van, a female speaking fish, and so many disguises Roger will need a new closet.


RPG1345433       American Dad! Does Gen Con    Fri @ 2:00 PM    4 hrs      Duplicate            

 Mature 18+         Location: JW :: 304 :: 3–4              Cost: $4    


RPG1345431       Honor Amongst Thieves               Sat @ 9:00 PM   4 hrs      Duplicate            

 Mature 18+       Location: Union Station :: Eerie :: 2           Cost: $4 



You can now download My Babylon – Book One: Body for free at Smashwords, Kobo, Scribd, and via Bittorrent.

James has released the My Babylon Complete Edition containing all five novellas. You can buy it in on Amazon both as a Kindle ebook and in paperback.

I also talked about my current project Chasing the Wyrm – A Christopher Yan OAA novel.

Steve Loy has a new dystopian future book called Conqueror’s Realm. Learn about those books and more at his website.

Dick Thomas has a blog where he reviews books and movies. He has announced the official release date for his novel Ghostvision is August 31st.

Mid-World Arts now has a tumblr and facebook page.

GOAD has a tumblr blog geeksoutafterdark.tumblr.com

Connect with Shade OfRoses at shadeofroses.tumblr.com

Connect with James at, jameslwilber.comFacebookTwitter, and tumblr. His blogs about magick are scrollofthoth.com and scrollofthoth.tumblr.com.

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