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Geeks Out After Dark runs quality gaming events at conventions geared towards an adult audience. We currently run tabletop RPGs and board games but are looking to expand.

What does “adult” mean? We believe gaming is an art and that art embraces all aspects of humanity. Many of our events touch on themes of violence, sex, and substances. Consider this your trigger warning. We don’t consider our events graphic but our horror events in particular may make you squirm. (That’s why you signed up, right?)

Come back to this page to find out more about particular events and where we will be. We attend Gen Con every year and will be at Who’s Yer Con starting in 2018.

Looking for GMs

Geeks Out After Dark (GOAD) is looking for a few good GMs. We prefer those local to Indy so we can meet and work together, but we will consider folks from further out with experience. Also, our group is not at the level (yet) to provide hotel space.

GOAD currently runs tabletop RPGs, board games, and card tournaments, but we are open to other types of games. What are the advantages of being with a GM group?

  1. People who will help you plan and submit your events. We are thoroughly familiar with Gen Con procedures and policies.
  2. We have years of experience designing events and we can help you make a great convention scenario. We know what works and what doesn’t. We also can provide playtesters for your events. In fact, we prefer to playtest all of them. Plus people who can teach you board games that are in demand at Gen Con.
  3. We provide logistical support at the con. We help arrange (though not necessarily pay for) transportation and parking. We have runners and people who take care of the GMs. It’s super helpful when not enough players show up for your events. We send someone over to play so the game can go on.
  4. And now the best part… Next year we will have our own dedicated event room! You will have a place to reconnoiter and drop off stuff. You always know where your events are. You will be able to build atmosphere with your events and not worry about bothering other tables.

Please use our contacts page.

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