GOAD E13 Lesser-Loved Geek Shows

max_6This week we examine lesser-loved geek shows. Shows that are now over and don’t get massive fandom love.

Our new music is graciously provided by Shoeboxx Recordings. Check out their music on Soundcloud and like them on Facebook. The intro is a selection from Boof (Roboclip Remix) by Real Cosby.


Stuff we talked about:

Babylon 5 – You can watch episodes of Babylon 5 on WB.com. The name of the actor who played Dr. Franklin was the great Richard Biggs.

Farscape – Watch Farscape on Netflix. Check out the Fascape comic by Boom!

Deep Space Nine – Netflix

Old Dr. Who – Netflix (That quote is from The Fugitive, 1993 film). See also, Dave Allen At Large.

Max Headroom – Only available on DVD. Also, read about the Max Headroom Broadcast Signal Intrusion.

Angel – Netflix. Read Mark Lutz’s tribute to Andy Hallett

Eureka – Netflix

Alien Nation – Only available on DVD

Stargate Universe – Available via Amazon Prime instant video

Beauty and the Beast – Netflix

Honorable mention – Dollhouse


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