GOAD EP14 Writing For RPGs

020_17AThis week, James & Shade tell you the pros and cons of writing for the RPG industry.

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Stuff we talked about:

Get involved with Paizo Publishing through Pathfinder Society, and submit a Pathfinder Society adventure, or enter RPG Superstar.

The 3.5 Private Sanctuary’s Know Direction Podcast has recorded some of the Writing For Paizo events.

Get to know Wizards of the Coast through submitting to Dragon and Dungeon Magazine.

21 Questions for creating a character stolen from 7th Sea.

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See my Rules of Write Club.

Our Review

The Keepers (The Alchemy Series) by Donna Augustine


James has joined the Magic Appreciation Tour, a website that helps you find books about magic. My Babylon will be on a virtual book tour starting July 23rd to coincide with the release of the Complete edition. There will also be a print edition of My Babylon coming soon.

Our Mid-World Arts compatriots will be back July 24th, to talk about Military in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Want us to pimp your artwork or review your indie novel? Please email us at geeks (a) geekoutafterdark.com and let us know about your book.

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