GOAD E12 Sex & RPGs

phildixieThis week we finally talk about Sex and RPGs.

What’s New? panel by the incomparable Phil Foglio. See what he’s up to at www.studiofoglio.com



Stuff we talked about:

The Wikipedia entry on sexual roleplaying.

Phil Brucato, one of the the great RPG designers, check out his blog.

Vampire: The Masquerade and White Wolf Publishing started in 1991.

Who is Melvin Udall?

Sword & Sorcery‘s campaign setting Scarred Lands.

Tabletop with Wil Wheaton.

Dating with boardgames.

The LARP/card game Are You A Werewolf?

The RPG Cthulhutech.

The 7th Sea RPG.

The Deliria RPG.

The Savage Worlds RPG.

Our favorite porn on Kink.com.

Sexy music for your foreplaying:

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross and Nine Inch Nails



Emiliana Torrini

Fever Rey


My Brightest Diamond

Lal Meri


NOT Bryan Adams


My Babylon, is a serial novel about the paranormal and dark desires. The story of a cursed young man who has an intimate view of the Apocalypse. My Babylon weaves elements of urban fantasy, erotic horror, and real-world occult practices, to form a unique personal tale that thrills, terrifies, and even enlightens.

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