Press Release – Geeks Out After Dark To Be A New Show On Fox Television

Fox1987Geeks Out After Dark To Be A New Show On Fox Television

Fox Predicts the Geeks as their Next Hit TV Show

Los Angeles, CA, Indianapolis, IN, April 1, 2014:  Fox Broadcasting has announced that they will producing a new television show based off the beloved podcast, Geeks Out After Dark. James L. Wilber, Randy Marr, Michael Quintana, and Shade OfRoses will reprise their roles for the TV show.

‘Geeks Out After Dark on TV’ will continue the podcast’s winning format, with the four hosts sitting around and essentially pulling shit out of their ass. It is suspected that some of the hosts will still be phoning it in.

Kevin Reilly, Chairman of Fox Broadcasting, has touted the new show as Fox’s answer to the ‘Big Bang Theory,’ saying, “These old, fat-ass geeks are gonna make me a mint. They work for fucking peanuts.” Reilly also claimed that Fox already has spin-offs and special episodes planned for the franchise, saying, “The show where Shade shows off her dildo collection. That shit’s gotta be on pay-per-view.”

The creators of Geeks Out After Dark could not be reached for comment. They were last seen heading for a Mercedes Benz dealership.

When asked about the amazing turn of fortune for the Geeks, their Sunday night gaming group universally declared, “Fuck those guys. We knew they would sell out but not that cheap. We’re going to sue their asses.”

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