GOAD E76 – Punked

bearsuitGeeks Out talk about Cyberpunk and Steampunk







People and things mentioned in the show

Neil Blomkamp to direct new Alien movie

Highlander reboot!

Mars One mission cuts candidate pool down to 100 aspiring colonists

Jim Butcher is writing a steampunk novel

Paul Vs. The Vampire gets reviewed with fan art!

Philip K. Dick

Man in the High Castle

Blade Runner

Web of Angels

William Gibson


Pattern Recognition


George Alec Effinger

When Gravity Fails

Max Headroom

The Max Headroom Incident

Deus Ex

Serial Experiments Lain

Ghost in the Shell


Shin Megami Tensei

Remember Me


Cory Doctorow


Little Brother

The Difference Engine

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Steamworld Dig


Wild Wild West

System Shock


Final Fantasy IX

The Matrix


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If you made an urban fantasy where James Bond was a wizard with some Peter Parker mixed in, you’d have Chasing the Wyrm, the new novel by James L. Wilber. Now also available in print!

Chasing the Wyrm: Christopher Yan – Office of Arcane Affairs

To protect its interests, the U.S. government projects its power militarily, economically, and magically. It leaves the last to the Office of Arcane Affairs.

Christopher Yan didn’t ask for the job. A wizard born with the power to warp reality, the OAA calls on him to neutralize all arcane threats. Part spy, part fixer, part assassin, Topher searches for a way to make his unique gift serve both his country and his principles. When he makes an enemy of a rogue wizard serving a dying insurgency, he learns the limits his conscience can bear.

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