GOAD E23 – Fanfic and Cosplay

tumblr_mqomzicUK41rlklewo2_1280This week James and Shade plus special guests Randy Marr talk fanfic and cosplay.




People and things mentioned in the show

Steven Moffat and his Dr. Who parody Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatal Death

Amazon Worlds official fanfic

Randy introduced us to dragons fucking cars

dragons fucking cars


Heroes of Cosplay


Cosplay Comparison

Professional cosplay taking hours and thousands of dollars to perfect and photos taken by a professional photographer

original jj


Regular cosplay fans having fun



Both are legit!


The bad rules for cosplay for Anime Crossroads



Check out Doc Randle’s special reports on the new Smash Bros.

Randy is now reviewing for gotchamovies.com

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Check out his Masterpiece in a Day winning short story – God of the Revels

On November 9th James will be at the Allen County Public Library Author Fair in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Chasing the Wyrm: A Christopher Yan OAA Novel, and Paul Vs. The Vampire are coming soon.

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